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Welcome to Green-Qube

Grow Tent Features

What Our Customers Say

“Green-Qube grow tents are definitely the best on the market. They are strong, reliable and our customers LOVE them.”
Craig, South Wales Hydro
“Green-Qubes are absolutely fantastic… Compared to the Secret Jardins and Budboxes these were a step above, and a lot of improvements over my older model. Definitely the best quality tents I have seen.”
“It’s mega mega mega strong, I hung everything I had without even one creak, no problem, I don’t have to worry at all. I love this tent already!!!”
The LED Grow Tent
“Green Qube grow tents are the highest quality grow tents on the market today. Once you get a Green Qube grow tent you’ll never look back.”
Grow & Harvest, Upton, Wirral

Our Standard Grow Tent Features

Here are just a few of our grow room innovative features: