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Introducing the GAME CHANGING Quick-Qube Grow Tents

Grow tent for the future


Lasts twice as long as standard grow tents

Our BRAND NEW patent protected Quick-Qube grow tent has a revolutionary pop up frame. Adapted from an industrial gazebo frame is the strongest on the market and has the power to be used again and again and again. Our hydroponic rooms really last forever. The 1.4mm aluminium can hang over 150kg, plus there are no floor poles, maximising growing space. FREE EXPANSION BARS PACK with every Quick-Qube!

So if you’re looking for a high-quality indoor grow room or tents, we ensure to maintain a comprehensive selection in stock tomeet your precise needs in the best possible manner.

So Why Does the Quick-Qube Last So Long?

  • OFFICIALLY strongest grow tent, hangs 150kg
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Never lose poles or corners
  • Aluminium frame for immense longevity
  • 1 year frame guarantee
  • Never lose poles or corners again
  • Outershells sold separately for repeat frame use

Our Standard Grow Tent Features

Here are just a few of our grow room innovative features:

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What Our Customers Say

“Green-Qube grow tents are definitely the best on the market. They are strong, reliable and our customers LOVE them.”
Craig, South Wales Hydro
“Green-Qubes are absolutely fantastic… Compared to the Secret Jardins and Budboxes these were a step above, and a lot of improvements over my older model. Definitely the best quality tents I have seen.”
“It’s mega mega mega strong, I hung everything I had without even one creak, no problem, I don’t have to worry at all. I love this tent already!!!”
The LED Grow Tent
“Green Qube grow tents are the highest quality grow tents on the market today. Once you get a Green Qube grow tent you’ll never look back.”
Grow & Harvest, Upton, Wirral