Grow Tent 120  by Green Qube  – Unboxing and Review

We recently gave the GrowRoom 420 a Green-Qube grow tent for their great giveaway competitions that they run regularly.  It has been brilliant to get more involved with the forum and they have some great growers and users on there who really know what they are talking about.  Growroom 420 is a great place to learn, share and get involved in an active and growing community.

It was brilliant to read that one of the competition winners did a detailed un-boxing report plus a honest review of the tent.  This was from someone who – in his own words  – “currently owns four tents. Each tent is from a different manufacturer. None are no name cheap Chinese knock offs and I think that allows me to make an informed value judgment.”  And we couldn’t agree more!

If you don’t get to the bottom of the review here is the reviewer’s final conclusion:

“Rating out of 10 is a 9.  Pricing puts in bang in line with the competition. Great quality, great workmanship and I think great value too.  Would I buy another one, yes I most certainly would.”

So here is the review:


The Green-Qube GQ120 – 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m


I was fortunate enough to win the GQ120 grow tent made by Green-Qube during the GrowRoom420 birthday weekend. The timing could not have been better as I had been looking for a new tent. Big thank you to Green-Qube for sponsoring so generously the forum and of course to all the staff here on GR420 for their efforts. It is appreciated I can tell you.

Let us start right at the beginning. Growing weed is not legal in the UK. So understandably lots of folks are a little nervous about buying their grow stuff on line. Nothing worse than having a courier leave your package outside the front door where everyone can see it and having brightly coloured packaging proclaiming the contents of your delivery to be cannabis bud boosters guaranteed to improve your harvest by 200%, or something similar. Grow tents, big bloody lighting systems, extractor fans and carbon filters while all these items are used by legit growers domestically stoners are naturally and rightly advised to be a bit period. So it is with some relief that I can share how Green-Qube sent their tents to customers.


They cover over the description of the box contents.

Close up of the cunning plan that the GQ lads and lasses have devised.


What is inside the box I hear you cry out? Well lets get to it then and open the box up.


The tent and all the bits and bobs are safely ensconced in their own carry bag. When you have finished with the tent construction you can use this bag as handy loft storage. It keeps stuff water proof and nice and tidy.

The poles and accessories are all pre-sorted into sizes and clearly marked before being placed in their own protective plastic bags. Might not be the best thing for the environment but at least it ensures no chips or scratches of the very high gloss and very green metal tubes.


The tubing is sturdy to say the least. Thicker than I was expecting, and thicker than my Hydro-Labs tent that this is replacing.

Assembly is very simple, and the installation guide is clear and intuitive to use. I started with each of the corners and just worked my way round and then up.
Viz Tip: Make sure you have the black plastic foot protector facing down when you construct the corners.


Spring loaded connectors ensure the longer poles remain firmly fixed and are not going to move. Again, very easy to assemble.


Once you have the bottom frame assembled things move very quickly.


Placing the tent on the frame is a painless experience. I used the Green-Qube unique feature of the stepped floor cross beam to line up the corresponding flap in the tent and there after it was an easy matter to pull the fabric into place. Start with the closest corners and then pull the rest of the floor/base across to the outer corners. Once that was done in no time, I was zipping up the tent.


Nice feature is the green clear observation sheet that makes it safe and easy to look into the grow tent even with super bright LED lighting.


Bars are very strong and I had no concerns about hanging my RVK fans and Carbon Filter from the provided cross poles. Did not test the hanging from the bars however. I am a little more than 100Kg so did not want to put that to the test.


The placement of the oversized socks is typical and I would have liked to have had more options with regards to additional oversized socks to choose from it is hard to complain when you have 5 to choose from. I have been spoilt by Hydro-Labs tents.


Wrap Up

I currently own four tents. Each tent is from a different manufacturer. None are no name cheap Chinese knock offs and I think that allows me to make an informed value judgment. The Green-Qube tent is the best made, and has the most polished finish out of all of them.

I would have liked to see a few more extractor vents being included as the lay out as it currently stands pretty much forces you to orientate your grow tent in one way only if you have a single fixed extraction point in your grow space. But that is no big deal at all. For most people it would not be an issue as they can pick and choose where they extract too. I can not.

Rating out of 10 is a 9.

Pricing of the tents is very varied depending where you buy from. The best price I could find was on eBay for £139 which puts in bang in line with the competition. Great quality, great workmanship and I think great value too.

Would I buy another one, yes I most certainly would.