Why You Should Invest in a Good Quality Grow Tent

There are lots of different grow tent brands out there and a mind baffling number of different quality, types and sizes of tents to choose from.  So where do you start?

The first question most people tent to ask is “Shall I go for a budget or a high quality tent?” I am going to take a look at the arguments for and against both of these options which may help you when asking this very question yourself.



Save money with Green-Qube grow tents

So the main reason to opt for a budget tent is price.  You want something cheap to get you up and running fast – small outlay for a quick solution.  This sounds very sensible and in fact a good way to get started.

BUT be aware you might not be actually saving money – some high quality grow tents, such as the Green-Qube and Roof-Qube, are priced so competitively they often beat ‘budget’ tents’ prices.  So beware – always check out the prices of all tents so that you don’t pay more for a so called budget tent.



Budget tents are ‘budget’ for a reason – they have had corners cut so-to-speak.  They have cheap components and less features. Poles are smaller, fabric is thinner, zips are more fragile.


Budget tents tend to have simple and thin poles. Easy to put together and put up but flimsy, easy to bend and have very low hanging weight. From our experience such poles will tend to get misshaped after one grow, and after a second they are almost useless for supporting the outershell and all of your lighting, ducting and cabling. They simply slump under the weight and the pressure of you opening and closing the doors.

With a quality tent, such as Green-Qube, you get a lot more for your money.  In fact Green-Qube’s which are often the same price – or even cheaper – than budget tents you get the strongest poles on the market! Measuring 25mm x 1mm and powder coated, you are getting tough, durable and bend-proof poles that really will last grow after grow.

Green-Qube grow tents have 100kg hanging weight!

Not only this, they also have a superior hanging weight of 100kg, compared to 30kg of a typical budget tent!  Unbelievable!


Outer Shell

Budget tents are notorious for their outer shells – they rip, tear or fall apart at the seams way too easily. What you find with a quality tent is that their outer shells are made to last.  So you will see double stitching, also great for light proofing, heavy duty fabric and super reflective inner material.

Have you ever thought about the efficiency of your tent? For example with the Green-Qube tents you get a diamond cut Mylar outer shell which makes the tent 99% reflective optimising your grow, plus you get less hot spots ensuring your crop doesn’t get damaged and evenly grows.

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Most growers – especially if you are just starting out – tend to check and tend to their plants frequently.  This means that a lot of opening and closing of the grow tent’s door happens. This shouldn’t be a problem but it often is.  With budget tents the zips are often one of the first things that are compromised.  They are flimsy and jam. They often struggle to hold the outer shell together causing pressure on the zip and leading to them breaking.


Budget tents have fewer socks than quality tents. Simple!


Making Your Life Easier

The other important thing to consider is how to make your life easier.  Budget tents have less features than other tents. You won’t find budget tents with viewing windows, door hooks, uplift bars – features that save you time and make your grow easier to manage.


So to sum up – be careful of price: not all budget tents are cheaper than other tents out there. Shop around!

If price is key AND quality is important to you then why not check out opt for a Green-Qube and Roof-Qube grow tents?  They are amongst the cheapest on the market BUT they don’t hold back on quality.  In fact they are one of the most strong and durable tents out there!

Who said that you can’t have quality at a low price!