Have you seen our Uplift Bar?  Well you need to! 

If you have a gravity-fed water system such as AutoPot or IWS, long gone are the days where you have to get rough, tough and ready with your grow tent.

STOP.  Put down your Stanley knife.  Drop the scissors.  Green-Qube want to stop the world hacking into their grow tents.  Growers no longer need to cut / chop / slash / slice a gaping hole into the canvas so inflow pipes can be fed in.  It all sounds a little primeval doesn’t it?  But this is the reality for any grower who has a standard grow tent and wants to utilise the simplicity and ease of gravity fed water systems.

The next hurdle growers face is getting the inflow pipes into their tent, how do you keep them flat when they have to hurdle the grow tent poles?  Ummmmm the answer is you can’t.  But when this means your water system loses some of its effectiveness then this isn’t the answer you want to hear.

Don’t worry Green-Qube to the rescue!

The Green-Qube Uplift Bar® eradicates all these problems and provides a simple and easy solution so your gravity-fed watering system works at its optimum.

Our clever designers have come up with the simple but effective Uplift Bar®.

Firstly there is a neat, purposely designed inlet hole so your inflow pipes can enter your grow tent easily with minimum fuss.

Secondly the Uplift Bar® creates a space for the inflow pipes to lie completely horizontal when entering the grow tent.  The Green-Qube grow tent frame has a handy ‘uplift’ on one of its horizontal ground poles so that the inflow pipes can stay completely flat to the ground.  This removes any chance of backwash and creates an easy flow of water.  Previously the pipes would have to be laid over the top of a tent’s poles which creates a resistance to the water flow rendering it less efficient.

The other feature of the Uplift Bar is the handy double sock that ensures that the Green-Qube or Roof-Qube is 100% light tight.  The cord and toggles offer more reassurance that the tent is completely light proof.

The Uplift Bar comes as standard in all of our Green-Qube and Roof-Qube grow tents.  They are located on the side door for easy access. Our larger tents (GQ1224 upwards) come with two Uplift Bars, one on both sides of the tent.  See the bottom of this post for the number of Uplift Bars® for each grow tent in our range.

So now you have heard about it, why not watch it in action:


GQ80 (80cm x 80cm x 180cm)                                   1 Uplift Bar®

GQ100 (100cm x 100cm x 200cm)                            1 Uplift Bar®

GQ120 (120cm x 120cm x 220cm OR 200cm)       1 Uplift Bar®

GQ1224  (120cm x 240cm x 220cm OR 200cm)    2 Uplift Bars®

GQ150 (150cm x 150cm x 220m OR 200cm)         1 Uplift Bar®

GQ1530  (150cm x 300cm x 220cm OR 200cm)    2 Uplift Bars®

GQ200  (200cm x 200cm x 220cm OR 200cm)      2 Uplift Bars®

GQ2030 (200cm x 300cm x 220cm)                         1 Uplift Bar®

GQ240  (240cm x 240cm x 220cm OR 200cm)      2 Uplift Bars®

GQ300  (300cm x 300cm x 220cm OR 200cm)      2 Uplift Bars®

RQ120  (120cm x 120cm x 180cm)                           1 Uplift Bar®

RQ150  (150cm x 150cm x 180cm)                           1 Uplift Bar®

RQ1224  (120cm x 240cm x 180cm)                        2 Uplift Bars®