These are used to keep the LightSaver® open.  They slip into the side sleeves of the each of LightSavers to stop them collapsing back down.

Based on two sturdy pins, the LightSaver® can be put into action by simply inserting a pin into the sleeve found on each side of the vent flap.  Once the two pins are inserted, one on each side the vent, the flap is rigid and the LightSaver® is ready for action.  The pins can then simply be removed if you want to close the vent or don’t need the LightSaver® open.

Incase you are not sure what the LightSaver® is, they create an external light box around each of the air vents and captures light and deflects it directly on to the ground decreasing the amount of light leakage.   Exclusive to Green-Qube and Roof Qube grow rooms these significantly decrease the amount of light glare into the room.

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