The Quick-Qube is a brand new and FAST way to grow.  It’s game-changing patent-pending framework is an adapted industrial gazebo frame that simply pop-ups, allowing you to put your grow tent up in minutes.  Not only are the Quick-Qubes incredibly quick to assemble, they are uber strong making them officially the strongest tents on the market holding 150kg of hanging weight.

The Quick-Qube comprises of a lightweight but super strong aluminium frame measuring 40mm x 1.4mm, together with Green-Qube’s class-leading outer shell.  There are no connectors or corners, just one easy piece of kit meaning that you will never mislay a pole or corner again, plus it is completely anti-corrosive giving it extreme durability.  And best of all the Quick-Qube comes with a ONE YEAR FRAME GUARANTEE so you can trust its longevity.

The Quick-Qube is a game changer and is changing the future of growing!