This can be answered in one-word QUALITY. We use the very best quality materials for all our grow tents and the most advanced components possible.  Our mantra has always been HIGH QUALITY at LOW COST = Optimised growing.  This ethos has made us the #1 bestselling British grow tent worldwide.

We have now become the benchmark for innovation and quality.  By harnessing class-leading components and technology-led features our grow rooms are now known for our strength and durability.

We always pride ourselves on investing in features and materials that optimise your grow and make your life easier such as Double Zips, XREFLECT Mylar, Sensor Windows, double stitching and StitchBLOK for ultimate light proofing.  And not wasting yours and our money on things that don’t get the most out of your grow room, like white Mylar for example, which costs you 40% more cost to you and only at max 1.5% grow enhancements.


Explore our full range of grow tent features for our entire range of Green-Qube, Roof-Qube, LED-Qube & X-Qube grow rooms.