If you want even, regular light dispersal without harmful and detrimental hotspots then our XREFLECT® Mylar is the gold standard of grow tent interiors. Engineered with the scientific research and development, our XREFLECT® Mylar gives your growing space uniformed light distribution.  This superior light dispersal optimises your grow significantly by providing a consistent and homogeneous environment for your plants.

Using the very latest technology, the debossed domed diamonds provide an even light diffusion throughout the tent.  With hammered Mylar, which most grow rooms come with, there is a strong correlation between this material and hotspots.  Hammered Mylar provides a 75% greater chance of getting hotspots across your grow tent.  These hotspots have a huge impact on your plants, causing overheating, damaged leaves, buds and stalks and loss of energy as well as the slowdown of growth. Green-Qube’s XREFLECT® Mylar eradicates hotspots by 94%.

The other innovation of Green-Qube’s XREFLECT® Mylar is that the domed diamonds reflect light in a multitude of directions, enhancing the energy of the light.  When light reflects off flat surfaces it simply acts like a mirror, a straight reflection back.  Our debossed diamonds reflect and bounce light around in a multitude of directions for superior and even light dispersal.

Plus XREFLECT® offers superior reflectivity of 98%, providing a unique and enhanced ecosystem for optimum plant grow.

All Green-Qube and Roof-Qube grow tents come exclusively engineered XREFLECT® diamond cut Mylar as standard.

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