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What is the Quick-Qube?


The Quick-Qube is a brand new and FAST way to grow.  It's game-changing patent-pending framework is an adapted industrial gazebo frame that simply pop-ups, allowing [...]

What is the Quick-Qube?2017-10-19T18:51:45+00:00

What is the X-Qube Module?


The X-Qube is an add-on Xtension module for your existing grow room.  It creates xtra space, with by giving you a flexible porch area. This [...]

What is the X-Qube Module?2017-04-13T10:19:00+00:00

What is the LED-Qube Grow Tent?


For advanced LED growing, our LED-Qube grow room has been designed specifically for those growing with LEDs.  With SpectraX® reflective white Mylar for ultimate PAR [...]

What is the LED-Qube Grow Tent?2017-04-13T10:17:26+00:00

What is the Roof-Qube Grow Tent?


The ORIGINAL grow tent for attics, the Roof-Qube is the bestselling attic grow room worldwide! It maximises space as the Roof-Qube allows you to grow [...]

What is the Roof-Qube Grow Tent?2017-04-13T10:14:26+00:00