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Anti-Slip Tips

Our hanging bars now all come with silicon Anti-Slip Tips

In the Green Qube V edition of all of our grow tent ranges, we have not only increased the number of hanging bars you get, we have also improved them.

Each hanging bar now comes with our brand new silicon Anti-Slip Tips.  These clever little tips can be found on each of each hanging bar and cover the metal that sits on the frame.  These mean that the bars do not slip or slide.  Instead they sit still and fixed in the position that you set them, making adding equipment onto these bars a piece of cake!  They also enhance weight load stability and eradicate bar sliding.




What the Grow Tent Experts Says…

This is life saver!  So simple yet Green Qube are the only ones that offer this feature.  It makes adding equipment a breeze and it stops any damage occurring to expensive bits of kit.  No sliding or slipping around just makes the whole process easy.  Once you try these you will NEVER want to use standard hanging bars again!


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