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Door Hooks

green-quberoof-qube-door-hooksEach of our Green-Qube, Roof-Qube, LED-Qube & X-Qube tents come with handy and strong door hooks allowing you to conveniently keep the doors of your tent open. Whether you are setting up your equipment within your grow tent, picking your harvest or simply ensuring your plants are well and healthy, you often need easy access to your grow room.  Our sturdy door hooks allow trouble-free access making these tasks simple and straightforward.

Green-Qube’s plastic door hooks can be found on each of our grow rooms’ front doors, plus our larger Green-Qube grow tents also have hooks on the back doors too.  Instead of your access doors flapping around and getting in your way, hook them out of the way and make things a lot more effortless!


grow room expert for Roof QubeWhat The Experts Say…

I can’t remember how many times I have tripped over the doors of my grow tents in the past.  So much fabric lying directly in my access path.  It’s annoying, plain and simple! Plus the doors end up getting dirty after being dragged across the floor as well as getting caught up with soil or even your plants.    I get that door hooks are basic feature but not many grow tents have them…  By all of the Green-Qube grow rooms having these, it just makes life easier – and far less tripping happens!





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