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Extra Height – 2m or 2.2m

Height – YOU choose! Green-Qube tents now come in two height options: opt for our standard 2m high tents or maximise your growing space with our 2.2m tents!


A little more space reaps you a whole lot of extra benefits:

  1. Green qube grow room regulationThe extra space aids temperature regulation. It allows the movement of hot air away from your plants to as far away as possible.  As this hot air can get higher, this protects your plants for getting damaged from the heat.  This extra height also helps to maintain a stable temperature within the tent, giving you more control over your grow and growing environment.
  1. More height = taller plants & higher yields.
  1. This extra height within your grow room also offers superior light spread. The higher you can get your lights, then better the light dispersal.  This ensures that all of your plants receive a more equal coverage of light making them more productive.
  1. Staying on the topic of lights, when they are higher up within your grow tent it ensures that if your plants become over vegged, the risk of them burning strongly diminishes. The message is clear, the more room you give your plants to grow and the higher the lights are away from them then you greatly reduce the risk of any plant damage.
  1. 2m high grow rooms are fundamentally ideal for Gavita lights.


grow room expert for Roof QubeWhat Our Hydroponics Expert Says…

Everyone grows in different spaces and has different dimensions to play with.  What I really love about Green-Qube grow rooms is that you have choice!  The growers out there can choose what is best for them and their growing space.  Smaller height space, then 2m gives you plenty of room to manoeuvre or if you have high ceilings why not maximise your growing space with the 2.2m option?



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