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Hydrometer Guard

Quick & easy reading of your equipment with a handy see-through pocket with direct access into your grow tent

In the latest Green Qube V edition you will find our new Hydrometer Guard across the whole range of tents – including Green-Qube, Quick-Qube and Roof-Qube grow tents.  A clear pocket positioned at the top front of the grow tent which you can slip your hydrometer guard in.


There is then a hole that goes direct into the tent that you can then insert the hydrometer’s probe allowing you to monitor your grow without accessing your tent.  The two holes (the one into the tent and the one into the pocket) are misaligned so there is no direct line of light into the tent.  This ensures complete light proofing.



What the Grow Tent Experts Say…

You will also find a neat velcro-able tab that can be utilised if the Hydrometer Guard is not being used.  This blocks all light and access into the tent, again ensuring exceptional light proofing.  Green Qube really have thought of everything!








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