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Multi Use 360 Access

Full Access Allowing Your To Place Your Grow Tent in Any Position in your Growing Space / Room

Grow room 2m x 3m GQ2030We have improved and enhanced our grow tent designs so that whatever shape your space is, you can get the access you need.  From the GQ1224L and upwards we have added 2 doors on the front and 2 doors on the back.  Not only does it has these 4 doors, you also get 2 doors on the right hand side and 1 on the left.  This design update offers you unparalleled access to every side of your grow tent.


The tents with this feature are :

GQ1224 / L  –  QQ1224 / L  –  GQ1530 / L  – QQ1530 / L  – GQ2030 / L  –   QQ2030 / L  –  GQ200 / L  – QQ200 / L  –  GQ240 / L  –  QQ240 / L  –  GQ300 / L –  QQ300 / L



What the Experts Say

 This new design is a win win! And saves is much hassle trying to get the tent into the right position that works with the doors and ports.   You don’t have to worry about having to move the tent to fit your growing room as you have full reassurance that it will fit wherever your power / water / access is positioned.  Great too if you are going to grow in other rooms at another time – it is future-proof!


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