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Metal Poles

Grow tent ultra strong orange-powder coated metal poles and corners made from high grade steel

Measuring 28mm x 0.8mm, our grow tent poles provide extreme strength. With a hanging weight of OVER 100kg. They are tough, they are strong and best of all they last!  No bending, no snapping just continual strength.

Green-Qube were the first to introduce such thick poles.  We have continued to lead the way in terms of strength and what to demand from a grow tent frame.  Why compromise with strength?

Grow tent steel anti-corrosive poles - 28mm x 0.8mm

Green Qube grow tent thick and strong poles – 28mm x 0.8mm

Plus our  grow tent poles come with an easy click connector system, making assembly simple. As well as offering extreme rigidity once the grow tent is up. The frame can’t and won’t become unconnected.  Once it is up, it stays up. This structure also allows you to freely move them framework around without it collapsing or coming apart.

All of our poles and corners are powder coated to provide the very best possible anti corrosion protection.

We now supply replacement poles if you ever lose any of the components of your frame.  This also applies to connectors.  These can be purchased online for quick and easy delivery.


grow room expert for Roof QubeWhat Our Hydroponics Expert Says…

So many grow tents out there have plastic corners, which simply can’t do the same job as metal.  Metal gives you a rigid and strong grow room.  Plus it ramps up it durability ten fold.






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