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Quick Qube Expansion Bars

GRow Room The Quick Qube Expansion Bar PackWhen you have loaded up your grow tent with all of your equipment, it becomes a hub of energy. The bigger and better the fans, the more power is funnelled in and out of your tent. Whilst you get excellent results with these, the flip side of these mega fans is negative pressure. This can cause the sides of your grow tent to suck in. Not so great.

The significant negative pressure caused by large fans can cause suction meaning that the sides of the tent bow in, reducing your growing space. The Green-Qube’s Quick-Qube grow tents now come with FREE Expansion Bar Packs which combat this problem.

This FREE bit of kit provides a simple solution to stop any suction of the outer shell wallsThey offer a multi-option set up giving you maximum freedom to set up your grow tent exactly how YOU want to.  Opt for either Extra Stability or Advanced Stability.

These Expansion Bars can then be removed very easily when your plants grow to such a size whereby the suction stops.



The Expansion Pack

The Quick-Qube Expansion Pack comes as standard with all Quick Qubes grow tents.  It contains a set of poles, corners and T connectors which provide a number of different set up options, depending on how YOU want to set up your grow and how you plan to use your grow tent. They don’t all have to be used – you can take bars away from certain sides or levels of your tent to suit your grow set up and how you are going to use your tent.

We have a few suggestions based on gaining Extra Stability; Advanced Stability and Ultimate Stability.

Grow Room Quick Qube Angled Expansion BarsEach bar and connector now has been designed with an angle so that the bars actually push the outer shell out, creating even more space and shell rigidity.

Please also note that within your Pack you will get a number of poles & connectors.  You might NOT need to use them all!  For the smaller tents you will have extra poles that you don’t need.  This is because these packs are generic and fit a few different size Quick Qube grow rooms.  Don’t despair if you have some left over – you haven’t assembled it incorrectly! 


What’s in the Pack?

Quick Qube Grow Tents Expansion Pack











These can be used in a variety of different ways, here are a few suggestions to give you maximum results.

Option 1: Extra Stability

This provides great stability for your grow tent.  The bars sit neatly around the base of the Quick-Qube only, giving you full and easy access to your whole tent.

Quick qube by green qube grow tent expansion bars

Option 2: Advanced Stability

This option gives you advanced stability with a combination of horizontal and vertical bars.  The vertical bars ensure that your grow tent’s sides stay rigid and will almost reduce all the effects of negative pressure.

The benefit of this set up means that your floor space is completely clear, ideal if you are using water systems such as AutoPot and are using the pipe access socks.  Your pipes can lie completely flat to the ground with this option.

You can take one of the horizontal bars out of the set up if you wish to allow easy access into the grow tent.

Quick qube by green qube expansion bars for grow tent

Option 3: Ultimate Stability

If you are looking for the ultimate in stability, then this is the way to go.  This provides full vertical and horizontal rigidity with the bars spanning the full vertical height of your grow tent.  Plus as the horizontal bars lie close to the floor of your grow tent, it provides easy access into your grow tent.

Quick qube by green qube expansion bars for grow tent



Assembly Instructions

You can download our full and detailed Assembly Instructions for the Expansion Bars here:

Grow tent PDF






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