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The Quick-Qube Frame

Pop up grow tent frame for Quick-Qube 240Our Quick-Qube range of grow tents have a truly unique and game changing frame.  Gone are the days of steel poles and corners.  Welcome to the future – aluminium, anti-corrosive, ultra strong and it simply pop-ups!

What makes the Quick-Qube frame so unique is that it has no poles or connectors.  It comes as one piece, ready connected.  It simply expands out.

The pop-up Quick-Qube can be put up – and taken down – in minutes as it comes ready connected to simply pull out and extend up. The new framework is an adapted industrial gazebo frame that has all the strength and rigidity you might expect plus the ease and simplicity of putting it up fast.

As the framework is aluminium it is ultra lightweight so very easy to move, store and transport.

There is no steel in sight, instead just aluminium which will NEVER rust or corrode giving you complete peace of mind that the frame really will last.

Measuring 40mm x 1.4mm thick the frame is incredibly strong, tough and robust. With its patent pending über strong hanging bars, the Quick-Qube is even stronger than traditional steel tents. They can easily hold over 100kg.

As there are no connectors or corners, just one piece of kit meaning that you will never mislay a pole again.

Plus if, for any reason, any component of the frame becomes damaged then it is all replaceable.  It just screws apart and new components can simply be inserted.

And best of all the Quick-Qube comes with a ONE YEAR FRAME GUARANTEE proving how much we believe in its durability and strength. We are proud to be able to offer such a promise so you can really trust the quality that you are buying.

Finally our Quick-Qube pop up grow tent allows you to truly maximise your floor space GRow tent guarantee for Quick Qubeas there are no intruding floor poles, just 4 or 5 adjustable legs. This allows you to really use every inch of space.  This is great if you use gravity fed water systems such as Multiflow, AutoPots and IWS systems, as you don’t have to navigate around floor poles and can achieve a truly horizontal position when entering the grow tent. Our Quick-Qube’s all have 4 inlet socks at floor level for such systems giving you the ultimate in flexibility so you can position this anywhere in your grow tent.


The Quick-Qube frame expanded out






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