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Thermal Blankets

The LED Qube grow roomOur LED-Qube & White-Qube grow tents come with inbuilt Thermal Blankets on both the roof and floor of the grow tent to aid heat retention.

Our thermal technology has now been developed so that the inbuilt blankets keep your tent cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Genius!

These infrared blankets snugly insulate your tent, dramatically reducing the escaping heat. This ultimately results in a more efficient grow set-up, cutting down on energy usage and saving you money.

  • The Base blanket creates an instant barrier between cold floors and your plants, helping to insulate against any climatic temperature drop, offering secure protection.


  • The Lid blanket encapsulates heat, locking it in so that less escapes. The Lid’s ultra reflectivity means that heat is significantly retained and recycled.

The ultimate outcome is you need to pump less heat into your grow tent, instantly lowering your energy bills.

GReen Qube thermal blankets for grow tent

Thermal & Infrared Blocking

Our Thermal Blankets are made from soft and safe PE infrared-blocking fabric.  Chosen because of its highly reflective properties, it reflects 95% of all light so that heat is retained and recycled to keep your tent warm.

It also has optimum electrical insulation properties as well as extreme chemical stability so that it won’t break down or lose its effectivity under extreme heat, light or chemical conditions.

This results in a highly effective and efficient insulating blanket.


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