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Green-Qube grow tents have the very best zips on the market.

  • Waterproof
  • Lightproof
  • Heavy duty military-grade
  • Extra thick stitching
  • 10 gauge
  • Double zip mechanism
  • Plus BRAND NEW Aerospace Zips on all V Doors…


Aerospace Zips

On the optional V Door in the Green Qube V edition comprises of two straight zips, to create a triangle-shaped door.  This allows you to open and / or access your tent in just a couple of seconds.  The two straight line zips can be unzipped at the same time with one simple movement – no bends or curves to unzip around.

Each of the zips are the toughest zips out there. Chunky and powerful, these heavy duty aerospace plastic are seriously tough.  You can’t have these zips on a curve meaning that they are not an option for normal grow tents.  Green V’s V Doors mean that they are the ONLY grow tent to have such a robust zip.

This upgraded zip will seriously increase the life cycle of your tent.  By using the fact-access door, it protects the other doors and zips and gives you free rein to open the V Door as much as you want without any zip issues.


Double Zips

Double zip in roof qube grow roomDouble zips come as standard with all of our large Green-Qube and Quick-Qube grow tents (from 1m x 2m upwards including the our 1.2m x 2.4m grow rooms) .  Our BRAND NEW double zips allow easy access from either inside or outside your grow tent offering completely flexibility and ease of use.  If you have even got stuck in your grow tent before you know how useful this simple upgrade actually is!  Whilst you are inside your tent, protect your internal growing environment as well as stopping light, odour and sound leakage by quickly zipping yourself in.

waterproof zips in Green QubeYou can see the quality and toughness of Green-Qube zips instantly. Used in the military, our zips are seriously heavy duty promising long-lasting use.

We also use Green-Qube metal pulls for strength and easy zipping.

Plus you will also find that Green-Qube use extra thick thread stitching across the whole grow tent outer shell including all zips giving them extreme endurance and ultimate durability.




grow room expert for Roof Qube


What Our Hydroponics Expert Says…


This one is important to us.  If you’re in a tight space, then ease of use is essential!  Therefore, just one zip access to your tent is completely and vitally crucial.  You don’t want to be spending all your time unzipping five zips in the dark, just to check the simplest thing.  A lot of grow tents have 5 – YES 5 – zips around the access doors.  Crazy we know!  So not only do you have to undo five zips, you then have 5 zips to do up again! There is NOTHING simple about 5 zips to undo and then redo.  Plus, what if one breaks?  5 zips mean that there is a higher chance for this to happen.  Green-Qube and Roof-Qube grow tents have one simple zip for each access door.  Easy. Especially as they are now double zips!  Such a simple idea that safes masses of hassle when you are getting in your tent.




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