Here at Green-Qube we want to make sure that your Green-Qube grow tent experience is easy and stress-free as possible!

…So we have made a series of How-To-Assemble videos for each of our tents so that you can put yours up FAST.

Not only can you see how to assemble your tent, we also provide lots of handy tips and hints which can make this process even easier.

Tips such as:

TIP: Don’t rush, take time to sort your poles out into letter groups – just locate the letters on each pole & then use the diagram in the ‘Assembly’ booklet.

TIP: Our tents come fully zipped, to unjoin the zip quickly find the zip pull, insert your finger in the gap and slid your finger along.

TIP: Start zipping from the top of the tent – it is a lot easier and needs less effort!

ROOF-QUBE TIP: Pole G forms the apex of the frame. Make sure that pole G’s shortest bar sits horizontally, ensuring it becomes the most upper part of t­he frame.

Click here to access our Video page or you can simply browse below!

Green-Qube 120 (GQ120)

Green-Qube 150 (GQ150)

Green-Qube 1224 (GQ1224)

Green-Qube 200 (GQ200)

Green-Qube 240 (GQ240)

Green-Qube 300 (GQ300)

Roof-Qube (RQ120, RQ150 and RQ1224)

All Roof-Qubes are assembled using the same steps so watch the below video to learn more.


If you require more detailed instructions on either the Green-Qube or the Roof-Qube then click here.