Green-Qube (with a “Q”) or Green-Cube (with a “C”)?  Well I am here to put the story straight!

There is a lot of talk at the moment about Green-Qube and Roof-Qube hydroponic grow tents not only within the industry but amongst growers across the UK.

The problem is that when people jump onto the internet and start looking for us they naturally search for “Green Cube” or “Roof Cube”. Take note of the “C” for cube. Yes that is our company name, as well as our products’ name, but we actually spell it “Green-Qube” and “Roof-Qube” – note the “Q”.

This means that sometimes it is a bit harder to find us than it should be.  We do like to cause problems for ourselves!

My mission for the next few weeks is to get the “Q” out there! To tell the world that we are GREEN-QUBE – so pass it on!


New to Green-Qube?

Green-Qube design, manufacture and sell to wholesalers our range of hydroponic grow tents:

The Green-Qube

Our flagship product tent range for those who want a strong tent that lasts but at an affordable price.

We offer a range of 7 tents from our GQ60 Propagator to GQ300 our 3m by 3m grow tent.


The Roof-Qube

The world’s first attic grow tent ideal for roof and basements spaces, with a lower height and angular roof.

These best sellers are unique to Green-Qube and have been flying out of our warehouse.

Designed and engineered by the experts, our hydroponic grow tents are durable, strong and most importantly affordable. Our promise to you is a tough, hardworking tent that performs and lasts.

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