Introducing StitchBLOCK®: For Extreme Light Proofing

Users of grow tents all have very similar demands from their grow tents, one of the most important ones is light proofing.  Green-Qube is very excited to be the first to bring brand new technology to the market dramatically eradicating light leakage with its new StitchBLOCK® technology.





If you are a grower fed up of your grow tent letting in light from around the tent’s ports then look no further that the new Green-Qube, Roof-Qube and LED-Qube grow tent ranges.  StitchBLOCK® can be found on all ports in all of our new grow tents as standard.


But What is StitchBLOCK®?

This brand new to the market, cutting edge technology ensures a total block of all light.

StitchBLOCK® employs Tritec® foam which works in a similar way to memory foam.  Once the stitching process is completed, the foam re-inflates so that all stitch holes are totally sealed and no light can escape.  This offers complete light blocking on all ports.


The Stats

StitchBLOCK® increases light-proofing by 78%, meaning our tents at now 99% light tight.


Check out the full Green-Qube grow tent range, with all grow tents coming with StitchBLOCK®.