Green-Qube have released their grow tent catalogue!

Grow tents from Green-Qube - brochure 2018 front coverIf you are looking for a grow tent then the Green-Qube catalogue is a great place to start!  Here you will find all of our grow room ranges all in one place, ready for you to simply flick through!  Our catalogue includes the brand new Quick-Qube range as well as the Green-Qube and Roof-Qube grow tent ranges.

You can find every grow tent we sell listed in the catalogue, together with some of the features that you get as standard with our grow rooms.

The back of the catalogue includes a handy and comprehensive product comparison table listing all tent features so you can easily cross reference each of our ranges and grow rooms to make sure you are choosing the right tent for you.

You will also find a few new additions to the current brochure including our grow tent technical spec drawings so you can easily locate all port, vent and door placements.  These drawings give you a unique way to view our grow tents – stepping away from photos but using our technical plans of each grow room.










Also the catalogue can be found on our website.

You can browse our catalogue here!