At Last… Affordable Custom Made Grow Tents

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At Last… Affordable Custom Made Grow Tents

Green-Qube are now offering their feature-packed, ultra strong grow tents in custom made sizes!

Custom Grow Room by Green QubeGrowers always have a specific place where they want or need to grow.  This often isn’t an empty square room.  Like most things in life, rooms and spaces are not standard.  Everyone has their own dimensions.  And also everyone wants to maximise their growing space.  Green-Qube are excited to announce that we now take orders for custom made grow tents.

This means that you simply send us the specific dimensions that you would like your grow tent to be and we produce a tent exactly to your measurements!

What You Get

You will get our premium Green-Qube outer shell so you will find all of our standard grow tent features such as Sensor Windows, StitchBLOK®, Extended LightSavers, Uplift Bars and also Double Zips.  The frame will be exactly the same quality as you come to expect with all of our grow rooms: uber strong powder coated green steel poles measuring 25mm x 1mm.  They will hang the same weight too – over 100kg.

The only difference is that we can custom make you a tent specific to your exact dimensions – including height!


Here are some of the features your custom made grow tent will have:Roof-qube's sensor windows

Sensor Windows


Extended LightSavers

Uplift Bars

Double Zips

XReflect® Mylar

Premium outlet socks with double twin layered socks and oversized with locking toggles

Pipe access socks

Hanging straps

Door hooks

Spill tray

Grrow room hanging straps for roof qube

Our Tents

You can opt for a Green-Qube grow tent or Roof-Qube grow tent if you need a grow space for an attic or loft space.


The Process

Your custom made grow tent will be designed to your dimensions here in the UK by our in-house designer and the manufactured in our factory in China where all of our Green-Qube and Roof-Qube grow tents are made.  We require 4 weeks to manufacture your custom made tent and then around 5 weeks to ship.  This means it will take around 9-10 weeks to get the tent to you from design to delivery.

1. Enquire:  Email us at [email protected] with the dimensions of your grow tent you are interested in – specifically whether you wanted either a Green-Qube or Roof-Qube.  We also need to know where you are based for accurate delivery costs.

2. Cost:  We will assess your dimensions and send you an all-inclusive price for the tent, including shipping + vat and duty costs

3. Order: If you are happy with the price and want to go ahead, we will send you an invoice which needs to be paid with a debit card.  This will allow us to secure your order and proceed producing your tent.

4. Manufacture:  Our factory will produce your grow tent to your set dimensions in approx 4 weeks.

5. Shipping: As your custom made tent has to come all the way from China so we have to sea freight this over to you with our next containers of tents.  This tends to take around 5 weeks.  Once your tent has arrived at our warehouse, we will then ship this direct to you.  Finally this will be on a Next Day Delivery service.

6. Start growing!


If you have any questions or more like more information, either drop us an email [email protected] or browse our FAQs!