We have been excitedly awaiting for their arrival since our Design Team completed the final specifications 6 months ago. And we are now pleased to announce that the new 2013 Green-Qube and Roof-Qube grow tents are now on UK soil!  With a load of new features and tent upgrades we can’t wait for you to all see them.

Already a lot of these grow tents have been dispatched to hydroponic shops across the UK due to the high number of pre-orders … it is great to see them flying out of our warehouse!

So What’s New With the ‘2013 Green-Qube & Roof-Qube’ Grow Tents?

You will find a number of upgrades and new features with these brand new tents. Let’s take a run through them:

Waterproof military zips: We have added a rubber backing to all our zips so they are fully waterproof – and light proof. Our other objective was to find the strongest zips out there for these new tents and came across military style 10 gauge zips. We instantGreen-Qube Zipsly knew they were the ones we wanted! They are seriously tough. You will also spot they have metal pulls now with Green-Qube imprinted on them, a sure way to know whether you have a genuine Green-Qube grow tent.

Oversized Socks: You will now find the socks in all Green-Qube and Roof-Qubes are oversized so that they fit all sized ducting even acoustic ducting. Another way to make growing even easier and flexible. Nice!

Door Hooks: There is nothing more annoying then trying to access your tent and tripping up on loose doors dragging across the floor. Our new strong plastic door hooks mean that you can neatly hook the doors out of your way which means no more tripping!

Diamond Cut Mylar Fabric: From our experience we found that a lot of tents out there end up with lots of hot spots which can really mess up your grow. We have done a lot of research into this and our studies found that diamond cut Mylar is the very best fabric out there.  And not just because you have fewer hotspots but it is also the most reflective. You can’t get better.

Viewing Windows: You will now find viewing windows on all tents (apart from GQ60) so that you can check your plants as often as you want without risking any environmental change which happens when you are opening doors frequently.  This really protects your plants and gives them the best chance for growth perfection.

Improved Uplift Bar: Have you seen our innovative uplift bar for gravity fed hydroponic water systems? We are really proud of this handy little feature.  This allows you to keep all of your cabling horizontal so that it neatly can go straight into water systems such as AutoPots or IWS. Well done to our Design Team – another grower’s problem solved! Check it out as everyone is raving about it!

Green Powder Coated Poles: Now you can always spot a Green-Qube or Roof-Qube grow tent as they all have green poles!