We often hear the same thing from growers… “I haven’t got anywhere to grow” or “I need MORE space to grow more”. Well the solution has finally arrived and it’s above your head! Why not grow in your attic? The Roof-Qube grow tent, from Green-Qube, has been specifically designed to slot neatly into loft spaces for those who are looking to maximise space in their home.

With an angled roof of 42 degrees, the UK average roof pitch, and standing at 1.8m high the Roof-Qube is the world’s first grow tent which has been specifically designed to fully utilise all available space in attics, lofts and even basements.

Loft Benefits

Growing in your attic isn’t just a perfect space saver but it means that your tent and equipment is safely out of the way, ideal if you have children. Plugs, dangerously hot lights and lots of water aren’t the best recipe for a safe environment for children, so growing up and out of the way is a great way to keep your house secure.

If the noise radiating from your tent drives you – or your partner – insane then slotting it away in your attic keeps the noise at bay, and your relationship out of danger!

You also have constant darkness in attics so you can regulate the light exposure – and there is no light leakage into the wider world.

The other major benefit is that attics have a more stable temperature than rooms within your house or garage. No central heating to inflate the surrounding temperature or cold drafts from under garage doors.

And best of all you don’t lose a room in your house – imagine all of the things you could do with your spare room if you could actually get in it! A games room, a playroom or maybe even a new party pad?


Regulating Temperature

When growing in attic spaces, one of the most important areas to focus on is regulating temperature. This is actually isn’t as difficult as it sounds. If you have a tent with micromesh vents this should help keep the temperature stable for you. For extra protection why not go for thermal blankets too? These clever little things help keep the tent cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Also available from Green-Qube, they come in a pair with a base that slips underneath the tent and lid insulating the top. The best bit is that they don’t cost much and as they help make your tent more efficient they cut your energy bills, saving you money.


When growing in the attic, something that we recommend is a gravity-fed water system like AutoPot or IWS. This means that you don’t have to worry about accessing your tent on a daily basis to get water and feed to your plants. A handy little feature that comes with the Roof-Qube tents is the uplift bar. This allows water systems to be fed into the tent completely flat through a specially design inlet. As the water tank is outside the tent you also save valuable floor space within your tent, maximising growing space. A very neat way of watering and feeding your plants without any hassle.

Diamonds in the Sky


Another way of regulating the temperature within your tent if you are growing in the attic is opting for a tent with diamond cut Mylar. This has 99% light reflectivity and the Roof-Qube tent utilises this revolutionary material. Studies show diamond Mylar is more reflective than the top of range white sheeting, it really is the most light reflective fabric out there. The diamond part is where it gets interesting because thousands of tiny diamonds are imprinted onto the Mylar which spread light more evenly giving superior light dispersal. This reduces the number hotspots therefore reducing the risk of damage to your plants and yield. The combination of both of these elements means that you can turn down the power of your lights saving you energy, money and helping to regulate your tent’s temperature.

Stop Environmental Change Within Your Tent

By opting for a tent with a viewing window, you can keep an eye on your plants without having to open up your tent. This means you don’t change the internal environment by regularly opening and closing the doors to check how your plants are doing. Even better if you have a water system too as you don’t have to open up your tent at all!

Haven’t Got An Attic?

If growing in an attic isn’t an option then the Green-Qube Sky tent is an ideal solution to maximise your growing space. It is the tallest fixed frame on the market, measuring 2.3m high, giving you more growing space without taking up anymore floor space. Genius! Also designed for Gavita lights so you can hang them higher for a greater light spread which in turn increases the light that reaches your plants maximising the ability to increase your yield.

Is Attic Growing The Future?

So whilst growing in the attic isn’t for everyone, for many it offers a brand new safe space to grow with lots of added benefits which maximise yield and reduce growing costs. Sounds almost too good to be true!