We can rave all about our grow tents all day and grow tent as we think they are brilliant and best.  But sometimes that just doesn’t cut it.  Hearing and seeing reviews from actual experienced growers is the best kind of guidance out there.  So kick back and hear what the real people have got to say about our grow tent …


When I arrived and firstly opened the box you could tell it’s a high quality tent.

The poles are strong green-powder coated metal poles and corners made from high grade steel. They are very thick compared to other tents I’ve used. The corners are also metal and using the click system.
Grrow room hanging straps for roof qube
The top features that really made good impressions are:

The door hooks. – Very handy to keep your doors in place instead of thinking of a way to keep them in place.
Roof qube grow room uplift barPassive vents – Plenty of them at the right places.
Outlet sockets – Also plenty of them. I’ve requested 8” ones all over the top of the tent and the sides. So handy!
Uplift bar – That’s so smart! instead of running your cables through the small bottoms outlet sockets you can use that instead.
The green window – You can keep an eye on your plants without having to open the tent. So cool!Green Qube grow room passive vents
Zips – Never seen stronger zips on a tent. Fair play to them. The stitching is also at very high level!
The outer shell – You can tell that’s top quality tent. High density so no light leakage at all .Less odour, sound, heat and humidity escapes.
Double zips in roof qube grow room
My overall experience with Green-Qube   Amazing tent! I’d highly recommend to anyone.