The mission is set…  Set up a grow tent with the best kit out there.

HydroMag, the UK’s biggest hydroponics magazine, pitched two hydroponic shops against each other to to choose the very best grow tent and equipment in order to win the Best Grow Tent Setup challenge.

For the Grow Tent criteria both teams were asked to look at things such as: quality of materials used, vents hole sizes and placement, viewing windows, reflectivity of inner lining and any unique features that would give one brand of tent an advantage over the next.

Gro Supplies in Newcastle selected a Green-Qube grow tent as their best tent choice!

And here is what the judges said:

NPK: Homebox 1.2M VERSUS Gro Supplies: Greenqube 1.2M

Both of these tents are high quality brands. They both have heavy duty support bars, and a thick tent skin material. The main differences came down to the fact that the Green-Qube tent had features such as viewing windows, more and larger vent ports and access points going for it, making it easier and more diverse a tent for the user.