Green-Qube 80 – 80cm x 80cm x 180cm

//Green-Qube 80 – 80cm x 80cm x 180cm


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Green-Qube 80 – 80cm x 80cm x 180cm



Hydroponic Grow Tent – Green-Qube GQ80

The Green-Qube 80 hydroponic grow tent [GQ80] is part of our flagship range of grow tents. It is ideal for growing one plant at a time.  Measuring 0.8m x 0.8m x 1.8m, the Green-Qube 80 grow room has 1 main access door with market-leading military style blackout 10 gauge zips.   Best Super strong zip being rubber backed and fully waterproof.

There are 4 x 7″ double oversized extract socks which fit all sizes of ducting including acoustic ducting, plus 2 x cable socks and 3 x outside passive vents with 700 microns bug-proof MicroMesh, all with LightSavers® to soften light glare. You will also find 1 Sensor Window® on the main door at the front of the tent to amplify your plant’s energy store.

Hydroponic Grow Tents Strength

British designed and engineered, Green-Qube grow tents has strength at its core.  With some of the thickest poles on the market, measuring 25mm x 1mm.  Our über strong metal poles are powder coated green and can hold up to 100kg in weight.  Green-Qube grow rooms also utilise an easy-click pole and corner connectors so you can assemble fast and simply.

Green-Qube outer shells have extreme durability. The outer shell also comprises of a tough non-toxic PVA Oxford canvas with XREFLECT® diamond mylar, engineered for 98% lightproof.  Together with double socked cable cable, extraction and intake ports, StitchBLOCK® with Tritec® foam technology on all ports and rubber backing on all zips, scientific analysis shows our grow rooms are now 99% light tight.

Plus you get all the little extras to make your grow experience even easier such as handy door hooks,  hanging straps and a removable spill tray.

Super strong, ultra tough and packed full of clever and practical features. The Green-Qube 80 grow tent really is the best on the market.  The Green-Qube range harnesses pioneering quality. Also class-leading components and technology-led features. Making them the bestselling British designed grow tents worldwide!

As Green-Qube and Roof-Qubes are British engineered, you get superior quality materials, innovative first-to-the-market features and cutting edge technology at exceptional value. The message is simple: Quality + Durability + Technology At Low Prices.

Trust the thousands of others and choose the #1 bestselling UK designed grow tent: The Green-Qube.

Additional information


0.8m x 0.8m x 1.8m


Über strong 25mm x 1mm with easy click connector system. Powder coated green


Super strong metal 25mm x 1mm with easy click connectors

Hanging Weight

Over 100kg

Intake Outlet Socks

4 x 9″ double oversized extract socks, fits all sizes of ducting including acoustic ducting 6 x cable socks

Interior Lining

XREFLECT® diamond mylar, engineered for 98% lightproof

Outer Shell

Tough canvas with non-toxic PVA. 99% light proof and fully sealed unit once closed



3 x outside passive vents with 700-micron MicroMesh bug-screen. All with LightSavers® to soften light glare


Military style blackout 10 gauge, fully waterproof with Green-Qube metal zip pull


1 x main access door with plastic door hook and 2 x side doors

Hanging Straps

4 x nylon hanging straps with plastic buckles



Plant Capacity

1 Plant



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