Quick-Qube: QQ150L – 1.5m x 1.5m x 2.2m
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Quick-Qube: QQ150L – 1.5m x 1.5m x 2.2m


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Out of stock

The Quick-Qube is the new revolutionary way to create ultra long-lasting and easy growing space FAST! The ultra strong aluminium anti-corrosive grow tent frame offers the ultimate in durability and therefore lasts twice as long as standard grow tents.  This offers incredible value for money!

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Technical Specification

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1.2M X 2.4M X 2.2M


The frame is 40mm x 1.4mm and all fully connected so it just expands out and then up. Lightweight aluminium but with superior strength. Anti-corrosive. One-year frame guarantee



Hanging Weight

Quick-Qubes are officially the strongest grow tents on the market with a hanging weight of 150kg

Intake Outlet Socks

5 x 11" double oversized extract socks, fits all sizes of ducting including acoustic ducting and 4 cable socks

Interior Lining

Matching Spill Tray, XREFLECT® diamond mylar, engineered for 98% lightproof

Outer Shell

600D, Hydrometer Guard – clear pocket with direct access into your tent, Tough canvas with non-toxic PVA. 99% light proof and fully sealed unit once closed

Uplift Bar

2 x socks for gravity-fed water systems but NO uplift bars as there are no floor poles for pipes to go over giving you the ultimate positioning flexibility



8 x outside passive vents with 700-micron MicroMesh bug-screen. All with LightSavers® to soften light glare


Robust quick access Aerospace Zips on High Use V Door, *NEW* Double Zips so you can safely zip yourself inside. Plus military style blackout 10 gauge, fully waterproof with Green-Qube metal zip pull


1 rear door = High Use V Door for fast 2 second acces + robust AeroSpace Zips to extend life of tent, 2 x main access door with plastic door hook, 1 x side door with plastic door hooks 2 x rear doors with plastic door hooks

Hanging Straps

3 x hanging bars with Anti-Slip Tips, 4 x nylon hanging straps with plastic buckles

Plant Capacity

8 plants



The Quick-Qube 150L Grow Tent: Lasts TWICE as Long

The Quick-Qube is the new revolutionary way to create ultra long-lasting and easy growing space FAST! The ultra strong aluminium anti-corrosive grow tent frame offers the ultimate in durability and therefore lasts twice as long as standard grow tents.  This offers incredible value for money!

Adapted from an industrial gazebo frame, the patented pop-up upgraded framework allows you to put your Quick-Qube grow tent up and down in a few minutes!  Not only can you start growing at high-speed, it is also the strongest on the market with a hanging weight of a massive 150kg!

  • Anti-corrosive
  • One Year Frame guarantee
  • Built in aluminium for immense longevity
  • Hangs over 150kg of weight
  • Never lose poles or corners
  • Green-Qube class leading outer shells sold separately for repeat frame use


Quick Qube Grow Tents Price Drop

The Quick-Qube 150L Grow Tents measures 1.5m x 1.5m x 2.2m and comprises of:

  1. Our premium Green-Qube outer shell with all of its advanced features
  2. Patent pending fully connected expandable 40mm x 1.4mm aluminium frame, with adjustable height
  3. Set of ultra-strong hanging bars
  4. Expansion Bar Pack

Quick Qube Grow Tent Frame

The pop-up frame means you can put it up – and take it down – in minutes as it comes ready connected to simply pull out and extend up.  There are no poles or corners you need to connect, it simply pulls out and clicks into place. You won’t get over to the ease and simplicity of putting it up fast – the complete opposite of standard framed grow tents!

The Quick-Qube 150L framework is an adapted industrial gazebo frame that has all the strength and rigidity you might expect from high-spec commercial product and can support over 150kg of hanging weight!  This makes it officially the STRONGEST grow tent on the market!

The Quick-Qube is not only extremely STRONG, QUICK and EASY way to grow but the advantages keep on coming.

Lightweight Grow Tent:  The framework is aluminium which makes it ultra lightweight so very easy to move, store and transport.

Anti-Corrosive Grow Tent frame: As it is aluminium it will NEVER rust or corrode giving you complete peace of mind that the frame really will last.

Strength:  Measuring 40mm x 1.4mm thick, the frame is incredibly strong, tough and robust.  With its patent pending über strong hanging bars, the Quick-Qube is even stronger than traditional steel tents, including our Green-Qube grow tents.  We are excited to announce that the Quick-Qubes are officially the strongest grow tents on the market and can  hold 150kg.

No Missing Parts:  There are no connectors or corners with our Quick-Qubes, just one easy piece of kit meaning that you will never mislay a pole or corner again.  Plus all parts are replaceable so if one part does ever break then we can simply send you a new piece which can then be just screwed in.


One Year Grow Tent Guarantee

And best of all the Quick-Qube comes with a ONE YEAR FRAME GUARANTEE. Proof to how much we believe in its durability and strength.  We are proud to be able to offer such a promise so you can really trust the quality that you are buying.


No Floor Poles Help with Hydroponics

Our Quick-Qube pop-up grow tent also allows you to truly maximise your growing floor space.  There are no intruding floor poles, just 4 adjustable legs. This is great if you use gravity fed water systems such as Multiflow, AutoPots and IWS systems, as you don’t have to navigate around floor poles and can achieve a truly horizontal position when entering the grow tent.  Our Quick-Qube 150L has 1 Pipe Access Sock at floor level for such systems giving you the ultimate in flexibility.


Hydroponic Hanging Bars

The Quick-Qube 150L comes with a set of 2 heavy duty hanging bars with heavy duty nylon hanging straps.

Expansion Bar Pack For Your Hydroponic Grow Tent

We are pleased to announce that we now supply a FREE Expansion Bar Pack with every Quick Qube 150L grow room.  Some users experience the larger tent’s sides slightly bow in slightly with the negative pressure from fans. Our Expansion Bars provide a multi-option, simple solution whilst your plants grow to a size whereby the suction stops.  This can be used at the start of your grow to combat this negative pressure, until your plants are big enough to offer stability.


Grow Tent Doors, Ducts and Vents

The Quick-Qube 150L grow room comprises of 1 x main access door, 2 x side doors.  All doors on this tent are our standard doors (NOT the V door).


Grow Tent Features

There are 5 4x 9″ double oversized extract socks which fit all sizes of ducting including acoustic ducting, plus 2 x cable socks and 3 x outside passive vents with 700 microns bug-proof MicroMesh, all with extended LightSavers® to soften light glare. You will also find 1 green Sensor Window® on the main door at the front of the tent to amplify your plant’s energy store.

Plus you get all the little extras to make your grow experience even easier such as handy door hooks, a removable spill tray and hanging straps.


Outer Shells

Green-Qube outer shells have extreme durability, with market-leading military style blackout 10 gauge zips.  These are not only fully waterproof but also come with our brand new Double Zip mechanism so you can zip yourself safely into your tent.  All doors on this tent are our standard doors (NOT the V door).

The outer shell also comprises of an extra thick and tough non-toxic PVA canvas and XREFLECT® diamond mylar, engineered for 98% lightproof.  We provide double socked cable, extraction and intake ports, all with StitchBLOK® with Tritec® foam technology.  Plus rubber backing on all zips.  These features result in our grow rooms now 99% light tight.


Gazebo Canopies

We  also offer standard gazebo canopies.  So if you decide you want to use your tent frame when you aren’t growing, you can turn it into a super strong gazebo.  Ideal for your garden or an event!  Your grow tent now can have multiple uses!!  Plus when your Quick-Qube grow tent is stored away it looks like a gazebo – nice!


Quick-Qube: Game Changer

The Quick-Qube really a game changer – the FIRST AND ONLY pop up grow tent on the market.  Be among the first to experience this brand new concept for grow tents and reap the benefits right from the very start.  This patent pending grow tent really will change the way you grow!  READ MORE AND WATCH OUR QUICK QUBE VIDEOS

As the Quick-Qube, Green-Qube and Roof-Qube are British engineered, you get superior quality materials, innovative first-to-the-market features and cutting edge technology at exceptional value. The message is simple: Quality + Durability + Technology At Low Prices.

Trust the thousands of others and choose the #1 bestselling UK designed grow tent: The Green-Qube.







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