X-Qube Module 1224 [XQ1224]
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X-Qube Module 1224 [XQ1224]

Original price was: £139.95.Current price is: £37.95.

Our BRAND NEW X-Qube Module Xtends your existing grow tent outwards, creating an Environmental Control Module to support and maintain your growing environment.


Technical Specification

Additional information


To fit the GQ1224 or ANY other brand of grow tent measuring 1.2m x 2.4m [will fit 2m OR 2.2m high tents]


Metal poles with easy click connector system
Powder coated green


Metal with easy click connectors

Outer Shell

Tough canvas with non-toxic PVA
99% light proof

Interior Lining

XREFLECT® diamond mylar, engineered for 98% lightproof
6 internal storage pockets


*NEW* Double Zips so you can safely zip yourself inside
Plus military style blackout 10 gauge with Green-Qube metal zip pull
Fully waterproof


1 x main access door with plastic door hook



The X-Qube Module is a brand new concept for indoor growing, by attaching the X-Qube Module to your existing grow tent a sealed unit in created.  The Module wraps around your tent:

  •   Creating an xtra zipped-in, sealed area to lock in light, odours, heat, humidity and sound
  •   Porch area creates a storage zone for safe equipment and chemical storage
  •   6 internal pockets to keep tools accessible
  •   Helps to protect and sustain your internal growing climate
  •   Safeguards your room by minimising the release of odours, heat and humidity
  •   Grow tent becomes invisible as no light is leaked

X-Qube Module wraps around the the GQ1224  or ANY grow tent measuring 1.2m x 2.4m.  It will fit either a 2m or 2.2m high grow tent.    Please note you must have already purchased a GQ1224 (or it will fit other grow tent brands measuring 1.2m x 2.4m)  and then you can then simply buy the X-Qube Module to add-on to create your extension porch.

Porch Area:

The X-Qube Module creates an Xtension to your existing GQ1224 grow tent.  This porch area helps to lock in odours, sounds, heat, light and humidity as well as providing a useful, storage area.  Keep all of your clutter, equipment and chemicals neatly stored away out of sight so that they are easy to access and always on hand.

Storage Pockets:

Internal storage pockets are a great way to keep all of your bits and bobs tucked away.  Never lose your  as the X-Qube Module comes with 6 large internal storage pockets, 3 on each side.


Also inside the X-Qube Module there are neat velcro wrap ties to attach the outershell to the frame.  A very quick and easy way of securing the X-Qube, giving it stability.  Also makes it very simple to take the X-Module down when needed.




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