And………..Action!  New Green-Qube Videos On Their Way

We’ve had a busy week here filming a series of new videos showcasing the Green-Qube and Roof-Qube grow tents.  Everyone who sees our tents fall in the love with them but unless you stumble upon one in a shop, many people simply don’t get the chance to see them for themselves.  This is why we were so super keen to get these videos done – at last we will be able to show the world how good our tents really are!

Our team headed down to Hayes Studios, just outside Cardiff, and had an action packed day shooting a couple of product tours, one of the Green-Qube 1224 and the other the Roof-Qube 1224, as well as a series of ‘How to Assemble’ videos to make putting up our tents even easier.  The tents looked great and we had fun getting a couple of these all set up with all the equipment and techie stuff.   Dan from AutoPot even joined us to help us set up their best selling water system so we could film our tents’ clever uplift bar in action.

Whilst it was a hectic day filled with lots of putting tents up and down, the studio was great – a brilliant space which GQ300 which measures a whooping 3m by 3m even fitted into!  Plus a big shout out to Mark and Kiri for all of their help…We couldn’t have done it without them!

So keep your eyes peeled and watch this space for more info on the finished clips – we are hoping they will be fully edited and uploaded in a few weeks time.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]