The Quick-Qube Grow Tent: Pops Up But Doesn’t Give Up

The Quick-Qube LASTS & LASTS – Twice as Long as Steel Framed Tents!!!

Grow tent for the future


Lasts twice as long as standard grow tents

The winning combination of Green-Qube’s class-leading feature-focused outer shell with an incredibly strong and heavy-duty aluminium frame has rocked the grow tent world.  Discover the future of growing for yourself!

Adapted from an industrial commercial gazebo frame, the patent-pending pop-up upgraded framework allows you to put the grow tent up and down in a few minutes!  Not only can you start growing at high-speed, it is also the strongest on the market with a hanging weight of a massive 150kg.  The aluminium anti-corrosive frame offers the ultimate in durability and lasts twice as long as standard grow tents, offering incredible value for money.

  • OFFICIALLY strongest grow tent, hangs 150kg
  • 1 year frame guarantee
  • Built in aluminium for extreme durability
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Never lose poles or corners as connected
  • Green-Qube class leading outer shells sold separately for repeat frame use
Price cuts from quick qubes grow rooms

Quick-Qube Product Tour

Let us guide you around the quickest, strongest and most durable grow tent on the market!

Is the Quick Qube Really That Strong?

Anyone can say a tent holds some massive number of kilograms but is it actually true?  Can the Quick Qube really hang 150kg?  Well our team put it to the test to find out – is the Quick Qube really the strongest grow tent in the world?  Watch the action for yourself!

Quick-Qube Grow Tent Features

Grow tent frame for Quick Qube

Save Money With The Frame That Doesn’t Give Up

Grow Tent Quick Qube Super Strong

Frame with Attitude

Save money with the most robust frame EVER!

The Quick-Qube frame will last and last and last and last… you get the idea!  So we have decided to sell the outer shells (and frames) separately.

This means that when your outer shell gives up you can simply buy and replacement and re use the Quick-Qube frame.

A move towards the reusable and go even-greener – STOP binning grow tents every year!  A great money saving concept that benefits everyone.


  • You SAVE money £££££ as you only replace what you need
  • Buy new outer shells separately
  • Help reduce waste
  • Help the environment by reusing and reducing manufacturing pollutants
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Get Growing Fast

The Quick-Qube comes as a fully connected frame – so yes that is right NO more annoying corners and poles to slot together; annoying metal buttons that damage your fingers or strange diagrams to figure out when putting together your grow tent!

Our Quick-Qube grow tent frame simply pulls out and then you extend the legs to click them into the right height for your room.

This patent-protected frame is a ramped-up gazebo frame adapted for the world of growing!  It allows you to pop up the frame in minutes and you can even do this on your own!

Tight On Space?  Get the Quick Qube!

Tight On Space? If you are putting your grow tent into a tight space or a small room, then the Quick-Qube is a great option.  As it drags out you don’t need any extra space around you to construct poles or part of the frame.

Outer Shell On With Ease: And the best bit is that you put the outer shell on whilst the frame isn’t at its full height.  Ideal if you don’t have much ceiling height – and if you aren’t 7ft!  you don’t have to struggle getting the outer shell over the top of a 2.2m frame.  You add the outer shell whilst it is around 1.5m high then simply extend the legs to ensure the grow tent is at the correct 2.2m height.  GENIUS!

See For Yourself: Watch our grow tent race – a Quick-Qube grow tent versus a standard Green-Qube tent.  Let the battle commence!

The Quick-Qube Grow Tent Range

We have 5 different Quick-Qube grow tents to cover a range of different spaces:

We also sell the Quick-Qube frames and the outer shells separately.  This allows you to replace the outer shell whilst keeping the frame for continual and repeat use.


Quick-Qubes NOW Come With FREE Expansion Bars

When the larger Quick-Qubes are first set up, the tent sides’ may bow in slightly with the negative pressure from fans.

Our Expansion Bars provide a multi-option, simple solution whilst your plants grow to a size whereby the suction stops.

Each Quick-Qube grow tent now comes with a FREE Expansion Bar Pack so you have the option to use them if you choose, depending on your fans and set up.

Quick qube by green qube expansion bars for grow tent

Where To Buy a Quick-Qube

Quick Qube where to buy grow tents

Visit our Where To Buy page and find your local stockist OR if you are having problems finding a Quick-Qube just give us a call on 02920 494 086!

Quick Qube Tent Features

Here are just a few of the Quick-Qube innovative features:

Assembling Your Quick-Qube

We are here to help and support you when assembling your Quick-Qube grow tent!

Hanging Bars

Take a look through our detailed instructions for how to add your hanging bars to your Quick-Qube grow tent.

Grow room Quick Qube garden gazebo


We will be holding stock of standard gazebo canopies so if you decide you want to use your pop-up grow tent frame when you aren’t growing, you can turn it into a super strong gazebo for your garden or an event!  Your grow tent now can have multiple uses!!  Plus when your Quick-Qube grow tent is stored away it looks like a gazebo – nice!

<span style=”color: #fff;”>What Our Customers Say</span>

“Green-Qube grow tents are definitely the best on the market. They are strong, reliable and our customers LOVE them.”
Craig, South Wales Hydro
“Green-Qubes are absolutely fantastic… Compared to the Secret Jardins and Budboxes these were a step above, and a lot of improvements over my older model. Definitely the best quality tents I have seen.”
“It’s mega mega mega strong, I hung everything I had without even one creak, no problem, I don’t have to worry at all. I love this tent already!!!”
The LED Grow Tent
“Green Qube grow tents are the highest quality grow tents on the market today. Once you get a Green Qube grow tent you’ll never look back.”
Grow &amp; Harvest, Upton, Wirral