Looking for a Custom Grow Tent?

//Looking for a Custom Grow Tent?


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Bespoke custom made grow tentsYour Space – Your Grow – Your Tent

Custom Grow Tents by Green-Qube

Green-Qube now offer a custom grow tent service giving you the freedom to create a grow tent made to your exact dimensions and requirements.  We can not only produce you a tent to exactly fit your growing space but we also offer you complete flexibility when positioning windows, doors, vents and ports.  The process is very simple and it will take around 8-10 weeks from design sign off to delivery.

Roof Qube attic Grow Room Green CubeAttic Cube green cube grow roomgrow room Roof Attic cube







What Custom Grow Tent?custom made grow tents for roof qubes

We offer bespoke grow tents in either our Green-Qube tent or the Roof-Qube style grow tents.


Custom Grow Tent Dimensions

We can pretty much produce a custom grow tent of any size.  No size is too small or too big (unless you are thinking about the size of a football pitch!).   If you are not sure or want to check dimensions, either fill in this form or send your dimensions to [email protected] and we will let know if it is possible – together with a cost!


custom made grow tentFeature Positioning

We also give you the option to specify where you would like any of the grow tent’s features.  We can move or alter the windows, doors, ports, uplift bars and vents to suit your grow set. Moving these features do incur extra costs but it gives you complete flexibility to create a set up that will exactly suit your space and equipment.


Custom Grow Tent Prices

We can send you a quote based on your requirements within a couple of days.  All we need you to do is fill in the below form and email us on [email protected]  We will give you a rough price and if you are happy with this we can then will start the design process working with your needs and requirements.

Grow tent PDFDOWNLOAD:  Order Form


Green Qube Custom-Made Tents Process



Just drop Dan an email on [email protected] with your specific custom made grow tent dimensions and he will help you get the ball rolling for you!