1.5m x 3m x 2.2m = Twice the Power of Gavita

Roof Cube Attic Grow roomOn our newest grow tents on the block is the Green-Qube 1530 [GQ1530] which measures a unique 1.5m x 3m and reaching an impressive 2.2m.  This has quickly become one of our best-sellers and here is why:


Gavita lights are optimised for a growing space of 1.5m x 1.5m. However, a tent of this size doesn’t give you much room to grow.  Upgrade to a grow tent 1.5m x 3m, such as the Green-Qube 1530, and you automatically have the ideal space for 2 Gavitas.  The GQ1530 is perfect dimensions to neatly and fit in 2 Gavita lights – no wasting space, no redundant growing room.  Perfect!

Optimum Output

gavita-pro-1000w-grow-light If you invest in Gavita lights (and we all know that yes, they cost a lot of money but man they are worth it!) you want to make sure that they work at their optimum so you can reap optimum harvests.  The shade of one Gavita light provides a focus area of 1.5m x 1.5m, the Green-Qube 1530 therefore is ideal to slot in 2 Gavita lights.  Meaning that they will both work at their maximum capacity, therefore maximising the amount you grow and the quality of that grow.


Perfect Spread

attic cube roof grow tentLet’s move onto height – our Green-Qube range comes in two height options.  2.2m high is now our standard height.  And this extra height is ideal for Gavitas as you can get them super high so they have the perfect spread.  Gavitas have a focal point of 2m above the ground, plus then you need space to actually hang the light and accommodate the shade.  Therefore, most grow tents won’t accommodate them if you want them to work at their optimum.  However, if you opt for a Green-Qube grow room this is not an issue.  You can easily hike the lights up to their optimum 2m and still have a little space to play with.  Spot on!


Our Recommendations

So you have decided to go for a Green-Qube 1530, what Gavita lights do you opt for?  We recommend Gavita Pro E-Series 1000W 400V

Why Does Everyone  Love Gavita Lights?

They are highly effective at maximising light output, using on average 20% less electricity than air-cooled lights. A 1000 watt kit, for example, will light more than 1.5 sq. meters per 1000 μmol m-2 s-1.

They provide plants with 8% more usable light so you can expect an increase in yields of up to 10% and higher crop quality.

Other benefits of Gavita lights.  Firstly, they’re complete, 3 in 1, lighting systems that incorporate a digital ballast, reflector and grow lamp into one stylish, yet practical unit.

As its widely known, digital ballasts, compared to more traditional magnetic ballasts, are smaller and lighter due to the steel core (also known as a choke) that regulates the output being replaced by solid state (no moving parts) electronic circuitry. Digital ballasts are also more efficient (by around 5%) and one of the biggest advantages is the cooler running temperature as they generate a lot less heat than equivalent magnetic ballast.

All these points allows Gavita to mount the ballast next to the lamp, this dramatically reduces the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI) meaning the lamp can run at its optimum, and as the ballast is cool to the touch, it doesn’t create any unwanted additional heat that will need to be extracted from the grow room. The ballast also features a Gore-Tex ventilation plug that allows the electronics to breath while keeping unwanted moisture out, helping to prolong its overall life.

All the lighting units come with the HortiStar HR 96 Reflector, handmade to strict specifications using Mylar aluminium and, as the name suggests, offers a staggering 96% reflectivity, meaning usable light isn’t wasted and is reflected back towards the plants. The HortiStar Reflector can also be removed from the unit, so when it reaches the end of its life, which Gavita say is approximately 2 years after constant use, it can simply be unclipped and replaced, as cleaning the reflector, especially if using anything abrasive, can have the opposite effect and dramatically reduce reflectivity.


 Green-Qube 1530  [GQ1530]


Dimensions: 150cm x 300cm x 220cm
200cm high option also available
Poles: Metal super strong 25mm x 1mm with easy click connector system. Powder coated green
Corners: Metal 25mm x 1mm with easy click connectors
Hanging Weight: Over 100kg
Outer Shell: Tough canvas with non-toxic PVA. 99% light proof and fully sealed unit once closed
Interior Lining: XREFLECT® diamond cut superior Mylar fabric, engineered for 98% reflectivity
Intake Outlet Socks: 5 x 13 inch double oversized extract socks, fits all sizes of ducting including acoustic ducting
2 x cable socks
Zips: *NEW* Double Zips so you can safely zip yourself inside. Plus military style blackout 10 gauge, fully waterproof with Green-Qube metal zip pull
Door: 2 x main access doors with plastic door hook
1 x side door with plastic door hooks
2 x rear doors with plastic door hooks
Vents: 6 x outside passive vents with700 microns bug-proof MicroMesh. All with LightSavers® to soften light glare
Windows: 1 x viewing Sensor Window® on main door
With sensor technology to amplify plants’ energy stores
Uplift Bar: 2 x Uplift Bar® for gravity-fed water systems
Hanging Straps: 4 x nylon hanging straps with plastic buckles
Spill Tray: Removable & water resistant XREFLECT® diamond cut Mylar

RRP £399.95