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Pimp My Grow Tent


The mission is set...  Set up a grow tent with the best kit out there. HydroMag, the UK's biggest hydroponics magazine, pitched two hydroponic shops [...]

Pimp My Grow Tent2020-09-09T14:46:06+00:00

Green-Qube Grow Tents Splashed Across HydroMag


In the latest edition of HydroMag, the UK's best selling hydroponics magazine, Green-Qube is splashed all across it! Our advert takes pride of place on [...]

Green-Qube Grow Tents Splashed Across HydroMag2018-12-11T12:04:37+00:00

Green-Qube at Grow 2013, Manchester


We are excited to be showcasing our impressive range of Green-Qube & Roof-Qube grow tents at Grow2013 this September in Manchester. Green-Qube will be there for the first time and we can’t wait to show off our grow tents’ amazing feature set.

Green-Qube at Grow 2013, Manchester2020-09-09T13:21:57+00:00