What Our Green-Qube Grow Tent Users Say…

I bought a Roof-Qube 120 grow tent about a year ago and love it, fantastic, study tent and the light proofing ins immense. I think the poles will last a lifetime.”

Sean Frost


“Green Qube is at the fore front when it comes to grow tents. Every time I clean mine down after a harvest it still feels brand new bar a few stickers.”



“Rating of 9 out of 10.  Pricing puts in bang in line with the competition. Great quality, great workmanship and I think great value too.  Would I buy another one, yes I most certainly would.”

Viz, GrowRoom 420


“I absolutely love the Green-Qube grow tent. The poles are so strong and the zips really do last. I have had no problems at all and recommend them to everyone.”

Simon Banks, Manchester


“Green-Qube grow tents are definitely the best on the market.  They are strong, reliable and our customers love them. They are the only tents that we sell now as we know we can rely on their quality and there almost no issues or faults with them.”


Craig, Buyer at South Wales Hydro


“I’ve heard countless times now, the quality of Green-Qube tents is second to none.  Well thought out and incredible tents.”




“I was looking at all the Green-Qube Grow tent yesterday and the new versions look absolutely fantastic… Compared to the Secret Jardins and Budboxes and other generic tents these were a step above, and a lot of improvements over my older model. Definitely the best quality and though out tents I have seen.”


Green Oval


“It’s mega mega mega strong, I hung everything I had without even one creak, no problem, I don’t have to worry at all. I love this tent already!!!

The height is amazing! 220cm to play about with! Outstanding!

The outer material and white inside is very, very good quality, I was quite surprised at how thick & heavy it felt.

It was a pleasure to work inside it.

On the outside there are really big/wide zipper light block flaps all over it, running the length of the zippers. I’ve never seen those before on the outside, brilliant idea.”

The LED Grow Room


“The new Roof-Qubes: the poles are now much stronger (not that they needed to be!). If you phone Green-Qube and ask for a guy called Dan he will phone their outlets up for you to establish stock. First class customer service.”



“The Roof-Qube grow tent is a really good idea and looks very well made. I’ve got a Green-Qube and it’s a solid bit of kit.  It’s built solidly and holds very sturdily with no light leaking and creates a good negative pressure with the fan. They are popular and sell well from my local hydro store. Very well made.”



“I bought a Roof-Qube 120 about a year ago and love it. It’s a fantastic, study tent and the light proofing is immense.”



“As LED grow lights are now getting more and more powerful, growers are putting more weights in their tents with drastic results as you can imagine. This prompted me to start researching better and stronger tents and every path I took led me to Gorilla tents… and the price. Eeep!

Then I found your tent! Superb!! I watched all of your videos and think they were excellent, the strength, the extra height… lots and lots of really, really good features that would be essential for LED growers.

One of our members who has a Green-Qube tent is doing a brilliant job, he’s got four 600W LEDs in his plus a 6 inch 60cm filter in there, so you can imagine the weight put upon the bars is immense.  Well the Green-Qube tent is standing up to it with no problems at all.

It’s perfect.”

Alpha, www.The-LED-GrowRoom.com


“I am very impressed … it has loads of in and outlets, does fit nice and snug under roof … The material does feel very thick and is so easy to put up without instructions. I’m an excited guy!”



“Great materials used. 100% no light and no air out. Perfect description, highly recommended.”

Glynn Davies


“Five stars!”



“Thanks a lot for making the best grow kits out there!”

Ashish Hekre


“I own a few of your tents and I think they are amazing.”

Andy Bohane


“It’s ticking all the boxes so far. The most practical, well thought out tents on the market.”

Nick Hardman


“Green Qube grow tents are the highest quality grow tents on the market today.  Once you get a Green Qube grow tent you’ll never look back.”

Grow & Harvest, Upton, Wirral

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