The Battle of Extra Tall Tents

Green-Qube Sky vs. Gorilla

If you are looking for tent that is taller than the standard 2m high so you have extra height space to grow more, or if you use Gavita lights and want a higher ceiling for better light dispersal then there are a couple of options.   We have recently launched our Green-Qube Sky range, measuring 2.3m high, they are the tallest fixed frame tent on the market.  Or there is the option of an adjustable tent from Gorilla. Their tents can be extended height-wise, but only if you pay for their extension kit.

But what is better – a fixed frame or an extendible frame?   Let’s find out.

Tests conducted both here in the UK and our factory in China, there was a clear winner!  The Green-Qube Sky was the most reliable, durable and easiest to use.  Taking a closer look and see why:


> Green-Qube Sky has less frame components so there is less to go wrong with the poles and frame. With one single solid easy-click frame, rather than fiddly extra small poles that slot on, the Green-Qube Sky frame is sturdier and will last longer.  Less components = less things to go wrong

> An extendable outer shell means extra Velcro and zips, again potential risks for these components to break which decreases the tent’s life span. Green-Qube Sky has one single outer shell
> This singular Green-Qube Sky outer shell also provides more superior light proofing with increasing yields.  Less zips = better light efficiency

> Cheaper!! And not just a bit cheaper but a LOT cheaper.  You get the same material quality but you save a big shed load of money

> With one single frame and outer shell, the Green-Qube Sky is simple and easy to assemble– a lot easier in fact that Gorilla!

> Neat and tidy – no need to store extra bits and parts.  And what are the chances that these extra pieces become lost or magically disappear?

> The Green-Qube Sky is super study once erected, with a hanging weight way over 100kg it is strong and sturdy and does not move, creak or shift in shape.

> Plus you get other handy features with the Green-Qube Sky tents such  as uplifts bars for irrigation systems such as AutoPot

> So the Green-Qube measures 2.3m (over 7.5 feet high!) what is the benefit of going any higher?  Well in fact you will never – or at least shouldn’t – grow any higher than this otherwise the light never reaches the bottom of your plants.  There is in fact no need to have a tent over 2.3m high, it is just a waste of time, energy and money


There is the potential downside with the Green-Qube Sky is that you can’t change the height of the tent, you only have one height option.  However when speaking to a group of grow tent users most said that the hassle of changing the tent height simply isn’t something that they would actually bother doing.  It takes time and, especially with bigger tents, it is very difficult to do due to the weight of the frame and the canopy.  Growers tended to set their tent height then leave it at that height – so we ask what is the point of having it adjustable?!  Mmmmmmm is it really worth it?

We will leave it to you to decide!