the grow tent specialYou want a tent?! Peel your peepers back and get a load of this in your face. Loads of brands of tents and all the specy jive together in one braptastic comparison chart. Boom!

There used to be a time when making your own controlled environment to grow in meant sourcing every individual component that makes up a room, and then actually building it from scratch. Go back ten or so years and the notion of a grow tent would likely encourage furrows on the foreheads of growers.  The sheer popularity and growth of the tent market is surely suitable enough an answer to that question.


Saving all your pennies and spending them on a quality branded grow tent will take all of this guess work and labour out of your hands. You can now find them in pretty much any size, so you are able to make optimum use of whatever space you have available. The sort of materials sourced to make a decent grow tent now are almost undeniably perfect for the job at hand. This cannot necessarily be said of the cheaply imported tents currently flooding into the market. Although you can find yourself a moderately okay cheap import tent after hours of looking, you still run a gauntlet as to its build quality. The majority tend to have weak fabric, likely to tear just from staring at it in the wrong way, or poles that aren’t of good enough quality to hold a decent load (insert innuendo here). If you need further proof of this there is a HydrodshowTV clip with Panch from Greenfinger showing just how easily they will collapse under his epic weight. Check it out.


Not that I want to bad mouth cheap tents, some people have a very strict budget and can only manage to afford to stretch that far. But for the discerning grower, more concerned with quality than cost-effectiveness, a premium tent will take all the worries about questionable build qualities out of the way. It’s simply then a case of picking a tent that is going to most suit your purposes. Think about what ventilation you are going to use and whether their vent holes can accommodate them. Think about what lights, fans and filters you are going to be hanging up and whether the tent can hold them. Equally, what irrigation equipment / hydroponic system you are using, and whether it is going to be compatible with the tent, is worth taking into account.


These are but a few of the things that you want to be considering, so before looking any further into particular brands, let’s look at these aspects a bit more closer with HydroMag’s independent grow tent comparison chart:

***Green-Qube fared the best out of all the tents on the chart, if you compare features together with price.  Our grow tents are the second cheapest out of the lot but have the most features!  Impressive!**