Green-Qube is celebrating the world’s first grow room for attics birthday!

Grow tent for attics roof qube by green qubeBack in 2012, the Roof-Qube revolutionised the grow tent market by finally providing a solution to those who wanted to maximise their growing capacity and grow up in their lofts and attic spaces.

The Roof-Qube has a unique and clever roof design has been trademarked and therefore you will only get this rigidity and structure from the Roof-Qube.  Whilst many have tried to copy, no one can achieve this strength as the design is unique to us and ONLY us.

Over the 5 years the Roof-Qube has evolved and developed, like all of Green-Qube grow rooms.  We don’t sit back on our laurels here!  So you will see new features added every year, such as the Uplift Bar, Sensor Windows, StichBLOK, Light Savers to name but a few.  We have upgraded our outershells to XREFLECT Mylar and we have also extended the range to three Roof-Qubes: the Roof-Qube 120 (1.2m x 1.2m x 1.8m); Roof-Qube 150 (1.5m x 1.5m x 1.8m) and Roof-Qube 1224 (1.2m x 2.4m x 1.8m).

Green Qube: Roof Qube 1224 grow room halfWith age comes experience and trust that you can rely on.  With 5 years under its belt, the Roof-Qube it has been tried and tested a lot! It has always been, and still is, the BEST SELLING attic grow tent on the market which is a big accolade to the tent itself and the results it provides its users.  If you don’t trust us singing the Roof-Qube’s praises, trust the growers of the UK.  They choose the Roof-Qube time and time again.  There are a LOT of good reasons why!  And you can read some of them here.

To celebrate the Roof-Qube’s 5th birthday we have put together a little video, presented by Dan who dreamt up the Roof-Qube some 7 years ago.  Sit back and let Dan show you around the Roof-Qube and show you why it is the world’s best selling attic grow tent.

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