Here at Green Qube we rave about the Quick Qube but there is nothing better than a real grower, using the tent and passing on their thoughts.  So sit back and have a read of a honest and open

GRow Room The Quick Qube Expansion Bar PackI’ve now completed a grow in my Quick-Qube so it’s time to review this tent. My initial thoughts upon opening were that Green-Qube had kept to their high standards with the quality of the frame. The frame was very light, well construed sturdy.

My delight continued as I pulled the frame into shape, within minutes the main part of the frame was up, a few poles for the hanging equipment and that was it. Fast, easy light work compared to the standard tents we all know. The final thing that needed doing with the frame was the support frame to help with negative pressure sucking the tent in, yet again the Green-Qube wizards had thought of everything, this went in quickly with no fuss.

Now for the outer cover. You can expect the same quality and attention to detail that we have seen from Green-Qube, all the extras are there. The well thought out and made vents, viewing window, heavy duty zips and bomb proof shell itself. This was easier to put on that a normal style tent, the Quick-Qube frame is height adjustable which allowed me to drop the frame slightly while pulling the cover over the top. Again I was very happy.

Wow super fest best grow tentThe Quick-Qube is a lighter, well constructed bit of kit that I’m in love with. I made a bold statement upon receiving the tent, now I’ve lived with it for a full grow that statement still stands. In my opinion these are indeed the future of grow tents. There is no argument in my opinion for me to ever buy a standard frame tent again. It saved time, was easier to put up it will be easier to take down and store. The adjustable legs mean the frames will fit 2m and 2.2m tents. When these are available in smaller sizes I think they will truly dominate the hobby grower market. While I have had my tent Green-Qube have acquired the patent on the frame and in doing so have now dropped the price to match the standard Green-Qube tents.

I literally have nothing bad to say about the tent. Thank you Green-Qube for giving me the opportunity to use it. I will be buying Quick-Qube frames to replace my other tents.


Keeno, Grow Room 420


To find more about the Quick Qube and watch some videos here.


Also did you know that the Quick Qube prices have been slashed to EXACTLY the same as the Green Qube?

Quick Qube Grow Tents Price Drop