The Story of The World’s First Grow Room for Attics

Roof Cube attic Grow room green cube

The Roof-Qube grow room was the brain-child of Green-Qube’s founder Daniel Van Keogh.  Up until 2011, grow tents were all very similar – standard boxes in typical square or rectangular configurations.  All measuring around 2m high, ideal for growers’ bedrooms or downstairs spaces.

Dan however had the inspiration for the Roof-Qube grow room whilst on the road visiting hydroponic shops and speaking to growers themselves. A common theme emerged that not everyone had the space to grow in their actual house space.  BUT they had an empty attic.  Conventional hydroponic grow tents simply wouldn’t fit in the tight spaces lofts presented.   In particular Mark from Dr Blooms was adnament that a grow tent for attics would be a winning idea.   Mark suggested cutting the corners off a standard grow tent could solve the problem. So Dan took to the drawing board and got designing.  He came up with the unique design which saw a grow room with a lower height and an innovative pitched roof system which allowed it to slot into the eaves simply but also slot together easily for quick and effortless packing and storage.

Green Qube: Roof Qube 1224 grow room roof structureThis meant that the, soon-to-be-named Roof-Qube, grow tent could easily slot into attics and eaves, maximising growing spaces and giving millions of potential growers the opportunity to grow.

The Roof-Qube is not only the original grow tent for lofts but it bears all the trademarked features that you get with the best-selling UK designed Green-Qube grow tent.  The very best materials, components and features all combined in a unique grow room that is ultra-durable and Über strong.  No corners were cut, excuse the pun, and the Roof-Qube exudes quality and has established itself as the best attic tent on the market.


Super strong 25mm x 1mm metal poles with easy click connector system and powder coated

Ultra strong metal 25mm x 1mm with easy click connectors

Hanging weight of over 100kg

Tough canvas outer shell with non-toxic PVA.  99% light proof and a fully sealed unit once closed

XREFLECT diamond Mylar engineered for 98% light proofing

Double oversized extract socks which fit all sizes of ducting including acoustic ducting

Double zips so you can zip yourself safely into your tent – for easy access

Military style blackout 10 gauge zips, fully waterproof with a Green-Qube metal zip pull

Vents come with a 700-micron MicroMesh bug-screen


Plus cutting-edge features such as:


Lightsaver from Roof Qube grow rooms

The unique LightSaver®softens the light omitted from the passive vents by defecting it down to the ground and not out in to the room.  Now comes with an extension flap to the front so that it increases the light softening without detracting from the air flow.

The LightSaver® can be put into action by simply inserting a pin into the sleeve found on each side of the vent flap.  Once the two pins are inserted, one on each side the vent, the flap is rigid.  Then you just pull the extension flap down, the Light Saver is ready for action.


Sensor Windows®:

Instead of disturbing your plant’s controlled sleep /wake cycle, Sensor Windows® allow you to monitor and assess your plants without disrupting their environment.   Great for those of you who like to keep a beady eye on their plants!

Sensor windows for green qubee grow tentAll viewing windows in both our Green-Qube and Roof-Qube grow tents now come as Sensor Windows® as standard. When you want to view your plants, the Sensor Windows allow you to do this at anytime. They use clever technology where by a formulated green tint filters out white light so plants can continue their current state without interruption whilst you view your plants. They provide a stable and continual environment for growing, encouraging plants to reserve and retain their energy store, maximising growth.


Stitchblok on Roof Qube grow tentIf you are a grower fed up of your grow tent letting in light from around the tent’s ports then look no further than StitchBLOCK®.  It can be found on all ports and ensures a total block of all light.

StitchBLOCK® employs Tritec® foam which works in a similar way to memory foam.  Once the stitching process is completed, the foam re-inflates so that all stitch holes are totally sealed and no light can escape.  This offers complete light blocking on all ports.

Uplift Bar:

Green Qube grow tent's uplift barThe Green-Qube Uplift Bar® provides a simple and easy solution so your gravity-fed watering system works at its optimum.  Firstly there is a neat, purposely designed inlet hole so your inflow pipes can enter your grow tent easily with minimum fuss.

Secondly the Uplift Bar® creates a space for the inflow pipes to lie completely horizontal when entering the grow tent.  The Green-Qube grow tent frame has a handy ‘uplift’ on one of its horizontal ground poles so that the inflow pipes can stay completely flat to the ground.  This removes any chance of backwash and creates an easy flow of water.  Previously the pipes would have to be laid over the top of a tent’s poles which creates a resistance to the water flow rendering it less efficient.

The other feature of the Uplift Bar is the handy double sock that ensures that the Green-Qube or Roof-Qube is 100% light tight.  The cord and toggles offer more reassurance that the tent is completely light proof.