Green-Qube V2: Our latest grow tent updates and features for 2021

Grow tent V2  from Green Qube


For all Green Qube, Quick Qube and Roof Qube grow tents!

In our brand new Green Qube V2 edition for 2021, we have introduced yet more exciting and innovative additions to our already best-selling, innovative-led and market-leading grow tents.  The Green Qube V2 edition  gives you more usage flexibility, time saving features and design-led components to extend the life of your grow tent.




Grow Tent from Green Qube V GQ300 FrontMulti Use 360 Grow Tent Access

We have updated our grow tent designs to offer a completely flexible tent so you can position it in any way you should wish.  The doors, vents, ports and Uplift MAX Bars are all positioned to allow you to place our grow tents in any position in your room so you can make the most of your space. This is for all larger tents [includes GQ1224 / GQ1530 / GQ200 / GQ240 / GQ300]




Thicker Outer Shells

Ultra thick, tough and sound-proof upgraded 600D outer shells






Anti-Slip Tips

You also get a increased number of hanging bars, all now with Green-Qube V’s silicon Anti-Slip Tips that offer weight-load stability and stops annoying bar sliding.









Green Qube Grow Tent Uplift MAX BarUplift MAX Bars

We were the first to design and introduce the Uplift Bars to grow tents. The clever design allows inflow pipes to retain a true horizontal position so that water can enter the grow tent easily eliminating any wash back and creates an easy flow of water.  This makes the water system, such as AutoPots or IWS, at their most efficient and effective.  We have now improved these and taken them to the next level.  Uplift MAX Bars have an increased height of an impressive 12cm.  This increases the ease of use and gives you even more flexibility.







Hydrometer Guard

Our new Hydrometer Guards is a clear pocket positioned at the top front of the tent which you can slip your hydrometer into. There is then a hole that goes direct into the tent that you can then insert the hydrometer’s probe. This allows you to monitor your grow without accessing your tent.  Handy!