Solve the problem of weighty filters with a Green-Qube grow tent

With filters getting bigger and bigger they are inevitably becoming heavier and heavier.  A problem we keep hearing again and again is that growers’ grow tents just can’t keep up.  Although they have a brilliant filtering system, their grow tent is struggling with the added weight.

And not just struggling.  Often breaking. The heavy weight causes pressure on tent frames causing them to sag, leading to cracks in the poles and ultimately leading to a broken frame.  You then have to go out and buy a brand new tent costing yet more money, when often, apart from a couple of poles, the tent would be fine to use for long time to come.

Green-Qube grow tents have been designed and engineered to withstand an incredible 100kg! That is equivalent to a baby elephant! You really can hang pretty much anything from it without any effort at all.  The Green-Qube and Roof-Qube grow tents’ frames will not sag, bent or crack. They can take the brunt of any size, shape or weight of filter.

We are 100% confidence that our frames really won’t buckle – so we put them to the test.  We had a fun afternoon hanging off various tents to see what happened; they didn’t even budge! And although it is rude to mention someone’s weight, I am sure Dan won’t mind as it helps me prove my point, he weighs  nearly 100kg!  Even with two of us hanging of them, there was no sign of any sagging whatsoever.  The Green-Qube and Roof-Qube frames really can support even the weightiest of weighs!

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