Here’s Why

Attic Cube green cube grow roomWe have seen a lot of copies of the Roof-Qube grow tent on our travels and it is always amusing when we see their attempts!  I’m not sure if we should have said that but our amusement levels have been sky (or should that be attic?) high at the copies out there.

THE ORIGINAL: The Roof-Qube – The World’s First Grow Tent for Attics

Ok this is not really a true benefit but the Roof-Qube is the world’s first grow tent for attics.  It is Roof Cube grow tent Designed In UK Green Cubethe original and therefore the most tried and tested attic tent out there.  We constantly look to improve and refine our tents and as our Roof-Qube grow room as been around for over 6 years, it has been tried and tested and refined a lot. It has always been, and still is, the BEST SELLING attic grow tent on the market which is a big accolade to the tent itself and the results it gives.  If you don’t trust us, trust the growers of the UK.  They choose the Roof-Qube time and time again.  There must be a LOT of good reasons why!  Here are some of them…


Grow tent roof qube roof systemUNPARALLELED DESIGN

The Roof-Qube has been designed by the leading experts in hydroponic design here in the UK.  Engineered to be strong, robust and unbreakable.  The clever roof design has been trademarked and therefore you will only get this rigidity and structure from the Roof-Qube.  Many have tried to copy but no one can achieve this strength as the design is unique to us and ONLY us!



Green Qube grow tent's uplift barThe Roof-Qube comes with ALL the features that you see with our flagship range of tents – the Green-Qube.   You can be reassured that you are buying technology and tried and tested features that have been used across the UK’s  best-selling grow tent range.  So as standard you will get in your Roof-Qube grow room:

> Super strong powder coated metal poles and corners measuring 25mm x 1mm

> Uplift bar


> StitchBLOCK®

> LightSavers®

> Double zips

> Sensor Windows®

> Single zip access

You get all the above for just a fraction more money than the other roof grow tent options out there.  All these features will make your grow easier and more productive, plus give you peace of mind in terms of your tent’s longevity.


Here is a just a couple of reasons why the Roof-Qube clearly excels in its field:

Single Zip Access:

This one is important to us.  If you’re in a tight space – and if you are using an attic grow tent then space WILL be limited – then ease of use is essential!  Therefore one zip access to your tent is completely and vitally crucial.  You don’t want to be spending all your time unzipping five zips in the dark, just to check the simplest thing.  Most of the other attic tents have 5 – YES 5 – zips around their access doors.  Crazy we know!  So not only do you have to undo 5 zips, you then have 5 zips to do up again! There is NOTHING simple about 5 zips to undo and then redo.  The Roof-Qube has one simple zip for each access door.  And not only that they are waterproof heavy duty miltary-style grade zips with extra thick thread stitching means that these really are the VERY best zips out there.


PLUS we have just introduced double zips.   All zips within the Roof-Qube grow tent now come with a Double Zip mechanism meaning that you can zip or unzip from both the outside and the inside of your tent. If you have even got stuck in your grow tent before you know how useful this simple upgrade actually is!  Whilst you are inside your tent, protect your internal growing environment as well as stopping light, odour and sound leakage by quickly zipping yourself in.



Next but no less important –  is the Roof-Qube XREFLECT® diamond cut Mylar.  The reason diamond cut Mylar costs more than the standard hammered Mylar is that it is designed to reflect more light.  The fabric is imprinted with millions of small diamonds which reflect light much more efficiency and effectively than your standard hammered Mylar.  It involves a more complicated manufacturing process which takes longer to produce – and yes, it is more expensive.  However, we use it because it’s simply the best Mylar on the market!

Now other suppliers may try and baffle you with Par lighting and all the other lighting science, but the simple fact is – this is just marketing.  If you run tests with our XREFLECT® diamond cut Mylar and standard hammered Mylar you’ll see at least a 10% growth difference with a just a 5% price difference.

If you run the same test, this time against the super-duper white Mylar that seems to be talked about so much at the moment, then yes we will admit that you’ll find that your plants will grow by around 1% more.  BUT REMEMBER this “super-duper white Mylar” will cost you 20%-30% more for the tent.  The maths honestly don’t add up.

Looking at the hammered  Mylar and our XREFLECT® diamond cut Mylar options then (at least a 10% growth difference with a just a 5% price difference) then this is where the maths DO actually add up! You also get the extra benefit (which is a MASSIVE benefit) that you don’t get some many hotspots with our XREFLECT® diamond cut Mylar.  Hammered Mylar creates hotspots and hotspots are a big issue as they mean that one part of your plant grows massively and rest is starved of concentrated light. A big no no.  So when it comes to fabric then trust us XREFLECT® diamond cut Mylar is the only way to go.